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New Moon Tarot Guidance For The Signs

New Moon's are a great time to reflect on what you are looking to build in your life. I have channeled some messages to help each sign guide their intentions for this evening. 

Aries: Page Swords Managing expectations. Do you receive feedback well?

Taurus: The Moon Do not try to force things. Can you become comfortable with uncertainty?

Gemini: 4 Pentacles It’s time to let go. Examine what you are clinging to. Does it serve you?

Cancer: Temperance R Experiment with balance.How will you nourish and maintain all the relationships in your life?

Leo: 5 Wands R Conflict & Competition. How well are you at asking for help?

Virgo: 3 Cups Reunions and celebrations. Who are you missing?

Libra: The Fool R New energy flowing. How will you make sure to stay alert?

Scorpio: Queen of Swords R Blocks created by other people. How will you communicate softly?

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords New beginnings from endings. Will you be brave enough to start?

Capricorn: Judgement R Slow down & think things through. Is jumping to conclusions good?

Aquarius: The High Priestess R The energy you want is there. How will you listen to your intuition?

Pisces: 6 Wands R Despite everything, you are getting what you want. How will you move forward without fear? 

Article by Michelle Franco

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