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COVID-19 And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Spiritual People around the world, myself included, talked along time about a shift that is going to happen. Since COVID-19 and the including Lockdown overtook our life, this could be this long awaited shift, finally having time to sit down, look into ourselves and think about how we could use this downtime for a better change in Humanity.

What is COVID-19?

There are many Opinions about COVID-19, starting by “its just a flu” going even to it doesn’t even exist and is just here to bring total control over humanity (or the deep state just want us at home to change the batteries from the birds). But with over 150’000 dead people today we can’t deny it exists and is something that should be taken serious.

But rather to be scared of this Pandemic, you should see it as a change, a change to better yourself and your life.

And this is the shift I’m seeing. People around the world realizing the past and future doesn’t matter, just living in the now. That you don’t need to worry about to tomorrow because you can’t anyway control it.

Letting go of Control

I’m seeing a lot of people around me slowly realizing now that you can’t control life, now taking day by day, because they don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And I really hope they’ll keep this mindset after the quarantine.

We Humans try to control every aspect of our life, putting so much energy in it. Energy we could rather use for a passion, a hobby, developing a new skill. But instead we get mad if the answer to our mail comes after 2 days instead of the awaited 1 day.

But why the rush? Why are we running to the top of the mountain as fast as we can? I’ll try to answer this question another time. Letting go of control and go with the flow was a monumental change In my life. A change more and more people are experiencing right now.

COVID-19 has also a good side

Parents have finally time for their children, people can work from home, no more commuting. People realizing how amazing life can be. For sure, it can get boring sometimes after a full day of Netflix binge, but nobody is judging you for what you’re doing right now. And with all the time we have now, take some time just for yourself. Try to pick up a new skill, learn a new language, the book you always wanted to read? Now you have plenty of time. Maybe even a book of how to overcome your anxiety, how to let go of your inner child. Now is the time to change to a better you. A you that is living in the now, who lets the past behind you, who doesn’t get scared of the future. Selfcare, mental hygiene and love and care for the people around you, everything else is out of our control.

The World after COVID-19

And this is are my hopes and wishes how the world will change thanks to COVID-19. People noticing that life isn’t just all about material things. Taking a break on the way to the top of the mountain and then going slowly up, rather then running.

People realizing the Pursuit of Happiness starts within you.

Article by Robin Studer

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